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We have several datafeed plans for any budget and situation

Get up to 500 coupon offers from up to 150 best merchants selected by you, get commission payments for 75% of the orders made through your site. Start making money today, without any investment.
Price: $99/m FREE
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Coupons Only
Get up to 24000 coupons from 5600 merchants on your site completely automated. Every day our service will login to your site, delete all expired coupons and upload new ones. Each coupon is an affiliate link generated for you, so keep 100% revenue.
Price: $299/month
Now Just $199/month
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Coupons + up to Daily Deals
Our most popular service. This option includes all coupons and adds more. Every day up to 250 freshest deals from the most popular online stores will be pushed to your site. Daily deals will attract a lot of returning visitors.
Up to 50 Daily Deals: $299/month
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Up to 250 Daily Deals: $399/month
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Local/Region/Group Buy/Daily Deals
Offer your visitors best local daily deals for restaurants, spas, home services and more from the most popular sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, DealOn, etc. Automatic geo location. $199/month or get it just for $100/month if you combine it with any other subscription
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How does it work?

Datafeed 1. Set up an account at the CouponsDatafeed.com website.
2. Login to the user area and click "Add Up a website". Enter your website information.
3. Click "Select Merchants." From here you have two ways to select merchants.
   a) You can enter your affiliate networks credential information and our system will log-in there on your behalf and retrieve your merchant selection.
   b) If you don't feel comfortable providing your credential, just select your participating merchants manually.
4. That's it. Next morning your site will be filled with offers. You can also login to your Deals/Coupons website admin panel and push update manually right now.


Q: Your options are kind of confusing. What is the most popular datafeed? I want as many coupons, deals, local/region/group buy offers as possible. Which feed fits me and how much it will be?
Basically we have 3 different datafeeds:
1. "Coupons only" - gives you access to the database of ~24000 online coupons for 5600 merchants available through the 5 major affiliate networks. We keep this database updated, so your site will get new coupons and expired and dead coupons will be removed.
2. "Daily deals" Your site will get fresh portion of the online deals every day. Deals are links to the discounted products in the online stores and have products description, image, etc.. We have two tires here - up to 50 deals per day and 50-250 deals per day.
3. "Local/Region/Group Buy/Daily Deals" - dynamically updated datafeed providing offline local deals from the sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, KGB Deals, DeanOn, etc.. All those sites have affiliate programs as well. This datafeed is dynamically GEO-based - which means that visitor from NYC will see New York Deals and visitor from Miami will see his local deals.

You can have datafeeds on your site in any combinations.

The most popular option is "All Coupons"($199/m) + "Up to 50 Daily Deals" ($100/m)+ "Local Deals" ($100/m) = $399/month. The ultimate package that has everything is $499/month.

Q: What affiliate networks I should sign up with?
If you would like to get most coupons, you need to signup with all 5 major affiliate networks:
1. Google Affiliate Network aka ConnectCommerce: http://www.google.com/ads/affiliatenetwork or http://www.connectcommerce.com
2. Commission Junction http://www.cj.com
3. LinkShare http://www.linkshare.com
4. ShareASale http://www.shareasale.com
5. PepperJam http://www.pepperjamnetwork.com
Plus we support amazon.com affiliate program: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com and eBay.com affiliate program https://www.ebaypartnernetwork.com

Q: I am interested in the "Free datafeed". What does it mean "get paid for 75% of the orders made through your site"? How does this work, exactly?
It means that with a free datafeed you will get a dynamic links posted to your website. When your visitor clicks on such link it will be processed by our server and as the result your affiliate ID's will appear to every 3 out of 4 clicks. This will make 75% chance that you will get your commission.

Here is the code behind it:

Easy to read version:
// Get Random number between 1 and 4
$rndNumber = mt_rand(1, 4);
// Make URL
if ($rndNumber==4) $outURL = make_URL_with_OWS_ID(); else $outURL = make_URL_with_Client_ID();

Actual code:
$outURL = mt_rand(1, 4) == 4 ? makeURLwithOWSID() : makeURLwithClientID();

Q: What about non-free subscriptions? Will I get this 75%/25% split as well?
Paid service is straight forward. You will get clear affiliate links with your affiliate ID's posted to your site. You will keep all 100% of your earnings.

Q: Is it a contact or I can cancel at any time??
There are no contracts; you can cancel your service at any time.

Q: What is the source of the data? Is it scraped from somewhere? Why can't I just get it from my affiliate network for free?
All our data is manually entered and checked. We constantly collect deals and coupons from all possible and available sources such as affiliate networks, online and offline advertising materials, e-mail newsletters, and other places. There are no such a thing as deals/coupons datafeeds from affiliate networks, and even though only 15% of our data comes from there, while the majority of the offers could not be downloaded/imported from anywhere.

Q: Can I see the demo?
All our demo sites have content from the datafeed. You can review the data quality there: OWS Deals,OWS Coupons, Deals Club. If you would like to see and play with the admin interface, just get a free account


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